Clearwater Island Lodge

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There are adventures and then there are Adventures – extra special experiences curated by people who really know what they’re talking about and are proud to offer something truly unforgettable for people who are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary.

Clearwater deservedly has the reputation of being a world-class fishing destination, which is regularly considered the very first choice for anglers wanting a premium fishing adventure.

Located just 30 minutes outside of Darwin, Clearwater Island Lodge could be in another world altogether. Situated on Melville Island, one of the two Tiwi Islands, it’s in an area that could truly be described as one of the last frontiers. The flora and fauna here haven’t changed in a thousand years – and some of the sights you’ll see and experiences you will undergo will be exactly what the locals were seeing and doing millennia ago. Of course, your equipment may be a little more advanced…

And these are not the typical fishing tours that you may expect. From offshore fishing to barramundi fishing and beyond, whatever you choose, you’ll be catered for with your dream fishing trip! It doesn’t matter whether you have fishing experience; from tyros to pros everyone is catered for, with experts by your side to guide you along your journey. Travelling through secret inlets and secret fishing spots, you’ll be able to explore remote fishing through the eyes of a local.

And the fish you’ll be chasing will not disappoint. Clearwater has bountiful supplies of over 50 species, with numerous different angling options to choose from. There are also over 30 estuaries. Pick your favourite. Whichever one you go for will be teeming with barramundi and multiple other varieties.

In this beautiful and unique region, there is both estuary and blue water fishing… all in the one location. And Clearwater promises minimal travel time to get to the various fishing grounds.

And at the end of a hard day’s fishing, guests can relax in some lovely air-conditioned lodgings.

But it’s not just about the fish. Clearwater also offers a range of fabulous cultural experiences, for those whose interests stretch to more than just the line, the net and the bait. For the art lovers, a short journey away is the Art Centre, where you will find extraordinary Indigenous artwork and collections. Those who prefer the comfort of the outdoors will enjoy a bush walking tour, or even a swim in a pristine swimming hole.

The tours are perfectly suited to a range of groups; they make great corporate incentives and provide superb team building environments. But they’re also an excellent option for a family friendly getaway – offering a wonderful opportunity for parent and child bonding and the chance to learn new skills.

It’s no surprise that Clearwater has been recognised by the prestigious Trip Advisor website, with several awards to its name.

If you’re looking for a holiday experience with a difference – one that offers an abundance of nature and genuine adventure – look no further, the answer is clear. Clearwater that is…

288 Pularumpi Road, Pularumpi 0822

Tel: +618 8978 3783

Images courtesy of Clearwater Island Lodge

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